Drivers in the Tallahassee, FL area all appreciate automotive style, efficiency, and performance. Finding the perfect combination of all these attributes became a much easier task when Ford introduced the Ford EcoBoost engine to the model lineup. Now the Ford EcoBoost engines are more powerful and efficient than ever, as well as more available than ever.

But understanding how this new technology is able to deliver optimal efficiency and incredible power simultaneously may seem like a mystery to many drivers. So Ford has gone ahead and produced short and endearing videos to give us a better idea of just how these engines work.

Available in many different new Ford models, including the Mustang, F-150, and Escape, drivers are able to easily find the perfect Ford vehicle for their lifestyle and get the most efficient and powerful engine available.

To experience the advantage of EcoBoost firsthand, come and take a new Ford for a test drive at Timberland Ford in Perry, FL. We'll help you compare models and set you up for an exciting future throughout the Tallahassee area and beyond.