Almost exactly one year ago, Ford unveiled its own bold vision for a high-performance future, offering fans and enthusiasts a glimpse at the new Ford GT and a select few other performance models. Now here we are, rapidly approaching the day these vehicles will arrive in showrooms across the country, and excitement for them is at an all-time high. Now including the Ford Focus RS, Fiesta ST, Focus ST, and more, the Ford Performance Lineup promises an adrenaline-charged future for those who sit behind the wheel of any of these vehicles.

The vehicles of the Ford Performance lineup have grown to include a beloved supercar, muscle cars, off-road trucks, hot hatches, and much more, guaranteeing that no matter your favorite pastime, there is a Ford performance model built to please you. Whether throwing down at drag strips or crushing of-road terrain, the right Ford model can make your life on the road exponentially more enjoyable.

To learn more about the many advantages offered by these high-powered vehicles, browse our pre-buy research and new Ford listings, and then come see the Timberland Ford team at our location in Perry, FL. Once you arrive at our location we'll help you to easily identify the perfect vehicle for your future, arrange a test drive, and ensure that you enjoy an effortless transition into ownership. In no time you'll be enjoying a more exciting automotive future throughout Perry and beyond.