Long road trips are one of the classic icons of Americana, whether crossing the country or crossing your town, many drivers around the country enjoy having their dog with them. Many drivers can struggle with traveling with their canine companion, from basic preparation to something more complex like canine anxieties regarding the moving car. The Ford Motor Company has seen this trend and has now released a video helping dog owners with an array of tips and tricks to simplify traveling with a dog.

When it comes to traveling, these tips will make things significantly easier on you and your dog. One tip that isn't featured in the video is to invest in a car safety harness for your dog, since seatbelts are ineffective on the canine body, they are great way to enhance the safety of your dog on the road as well as eliminate unwanted wandering.

To learn more about the available new Ford models and all of their dog-friendly features, come and see us at Timberland Ford in Perry, FL. We'll help you find the perfect vehicle for a more enjoyable future for you, your passengers, and your pup.